Its origins, as a textile cooperative since 1969, give the brand features strongly associated with the experience and know-how. As well as social engagement, educational, cultural and territorial solidarity and democratic values ​​typical of a cooperative where all employees are members.

STJOR is the result of continuous work and development of the cooperative founded in 1969. It is the tangible evidence of a dream become real that has endured and grown with the passage of time. Able to adapt constantly to maintain the authenticity and uniqueness despite the relentless globalization and standardization in recent times.


STJOR is the legacy of a cooperative long tradition in the high quality textile. The cooperative was founded in 1969 and became the basis of qualified and substantial brand.

ÒSCAR DALMAU DESIGNED COLLECTION is the signing of a special edition designed by Òscar Dalmau (Barcelona journalist and communicator, music lover and design fan).

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(Lleida) – SPAIN
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